5 Easy Ways to Get Started with Video Marketing

In my previous post highlighting recent video stats, I noticed three key challenges marketers are having with video: allocating enough budget, finding the resources and expanding video beyond brand awareness.

In this post I’ll highlight my top 5 recommendations to address the first two points.

Conduct quick interviews via mobile

Everyone owns a phone. Even two. If budget is a concern. Consider using this every day necessity in place of an expensive video recorder.

The Camera and video quality on mobile phones have increased drastically over the past few months. They’re easier to set up than a traditional video studio set up (lights, microphone, back drop, etc.). Informal mobile interviews can be effective for capturing quotes or short interviews from industry experts you normally wouldn’t be able to schedule.

I’ve found this to work best when attending industry events.

 Production quality vs content quality

As Scott Lum, Marketing Manager at Microsoft, commented on my Facebook page and provided a photo of  Jolene Jang above:

[Jang] who uses a cellphone and selfie stick to report in the field. She’s self-contained and doesn’t need a crew to support her in the field. http://theconferencereporter.com/

Do don’t let yourself be stymied because you’re seeking the highest production quality for your videos. That’s not necessarily the case. Depending on your goal, as long as the video is clear (audio and visual), easy to understand and tells a story, that may be enough to get started.

Free or low cost screen capture software for product videos

Your prospects and customers want to know how your product works – key features, bells and whistles and most importantly – what’s in it for me (WIIFM). From webex and Skype to free  online  screen capture software, you can easily record a short demo highlighting a key software feature.

Highlight videos created by others

You’re not the only expert in your space. Look to bloggers or other industry pundits who are already creating video content. If you find a perspective compelling, you can write a response, link to it or even ask if you can repost it on your site.

Ask your users to submit videos

One thing we always promote on affordable video marketing, is utilizing user generated content. – Bethany Fagan, Director of Community Relations, IQ Media

Reach out to customers and users to learn how they are using your product. This can be done as part of a customer appreciation program, annual contest or long term engagement strategy. And who knows, you may discover innovative  ways – and possibly new markets – your customers are using your product.

Conclusion – get recording

These are just five ideas to get started with a video marketing program. The idea of video may seem overwhelming at first but maybe these ideas will help you get over the hurdle.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the above. In my next post, I’ll share some ideas gathered from some recent shows I’ve attended.