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Cece has been quoted in the media and industry speaker, she is a recognized expert in public relations, customer communications, executive visibility, analyst relations, social media and virtual events.

* 5 social media sins that every company should avoid, Ragan, August 10, 2022

* How to Attract Media to Your Event, Meetings & Conventions Magazine, May 1, 2022

* 2011 Trends Report: Virtual Events and Trade Shows, January 4, 2011 (registration required)

* 2010 Virtual Event Report: Insights and Trends from Industry Insiders, TSNN, December 2010 (registration required)

“Virtual events (e.g. virtual conference, virtual tradeshow, etc.) have gained in popularity due to the economic recession and budget restrictions. While leveraged extensively for events, virtual events have not yet been adopted as a larger part of the marketing mix like webinars. Wider spread adoption within the marketing realm requires that next-generation virtual platforms bnot only provide more intuitive attendee experience but also address existing platform limitations to easily build and execute virtual events, more tightly integrate with CRM systems and social networks, and provide better analytics tools for measuring ROI.

“Over the next 12-18 months, we’ll see many innovations from the platform providers to address the above, which should further spur the adoption and growth of virtual events. Furthermore, I envision virtual events moving from the existing linear experience – lobby, exhibit space, and auditorium – to one that incorporates multiple facets, virtually and physically. This includes augmented reality, geo-location and more.”

* How to Make Money on Virtual Trade Shows and Conferences, TSNN, August 2010: “What we have seen is the first phase of technology adoption, which is expensive. The customer pool is limited to larger organizations with the budgets to experiment with the technology. As more companies – events companies, platform developers and corporations with their own platforms – enter the market, the costs will come down,” she said.

* The Five “Don’ts” of Personal Branding, Personal Branding Magazine, May 2009 (subscription required)

* Requested to be Your Friend, One+, February 2009: “The homepage to your online presence is a Google search…That’s why being active on these sites is important. At the end of the day, you have to hang up your shingle in places that are relevant to your business.”

* “Go with the Flow: Navigating Streaming Communications”, eContent Magazine, November 2007: “If you regularly use the internet, you have likely used some version of streaming communication …If you watch a news video on CNN or listen to internet radio, that’s streaming communication.” It’s more than YouTube and web conferences, she adds.

* The Event Marketing Handbook by Allison Saget (Dearborn Trade Publishing, 2006)

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