5 Ways to Storify Your PR and Marketing Efforts

Though I just received my invite to Storify, I am very impressed with the power that this content curation tool can provide for marketing and public relations. It’s simple and easy to use, a must for today’s busy professional. And a single story can have multiple contributors.

Still in beta with invites given out occasionally, Storify has great potential for marketing and public relations. Here are five ways Storify can help your efforts:


1. Event Marketing: Capture the experience and excitement of an event by aggregating key comments from Twitter, video uploads on YouTube, or photos posted to Flickr. Furthermore, this creates an engaging archive of your event beyond the program guide. Check out my first Storify overview (below) of the MTO Summit that recently took place in Chicago. And I was a virtual attendee to boot.

2. Press Room: Leverage Storify to organize industry surveys, stats, research and infographics into one location. Organized chronologically, you can leverage this as a resource for analysts, reporters and bloggers in your space. From a sales and marketing perspective, your sales team can leverage the information for existing customers or prospects.

3. Thought Leadership: Curate thought leadership content to highlight your company and/or executives. This includes slideshare presentations, video interviews, tweets on Twitter or interviews in the media. Going a step further, create different stories for each executive for speaker proposals.

4. Product Launch:  Create an archive around a product launch, such as product reviews, online comments, analyst briefs, product photos, and other materials. This becomes a valuable resource for customer support, sales training, or new sales prospects.

5. Real-Time News Collaboration: Highlighted on the Storify blog, Bo Hee Kim summarizes how a reporter is using Storify to “curate resources and liveblog the situation.” While an extreme example, consider how you or your company can provide similar collaboration around a news story or trend in your industry.

Conclusion: Powerful Content Curation, More Integration Required

We’ve heard the role of Twitter and Facebook for breaking news or organizing events around the world. Yet the information generated from these movements can be overwhelming. Storify is a powerful tool that allows marketers and public relations professionals to manage the information into bite-sized portions for people to consume.

Right now, all of this is done within the Storify site. The next step is for the company to integrate with the plethora of social media networking sites – Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, so that “storify” will be synonymous with “liking” no matter where you are on online.

Then the potential to tell stories can be done with just a click of a mouse.

What other ways have you used Storify for your marketing or PR efforts? Please sjhare your story below (sorry, via old fashioned text =)

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