Jun 30, 2022

Are You Ready for Virtual Trade Shows?

Disclosure: My company  just introduced a new solution today that is in the virtual trade show market. I decided to take this occasion to write a larger post about the virtual events/tradeshows market. Please note, the opinions expressed in this post are my own and not a reflection of my company’s.

With that disclosure out of the way =) , virtual trade show/event is something that is just starting to be used by organizations. Just think about it, you don’t have to travel across the country to attend a show, set up the booth at the show, and stand for hours waiting for people to come by your booth. And hopefully, at the end of the show, you have quality sales leads, connected with possible business partners, or even run into key media in your industry.

With an online version, the thought is that organizations will minimize tangible (i.e. travel, hotel, food, materials) and intangible costs (i.e. environmental and productivity), while providing all the benefits – if not more. You can still connect with people through online chats or emails, get the materials you want, and attend keynotes and presentations. From a marketer’s perspective, hopefully you spend less money with better results. And you don’t have to break down the booth either! 

I recently read some stats in a report by FactPoint Group that stated that virtual events/shows can attract an average of of 1500+ people, who spend about 2+ hours in the show. When you look at this  information, this provides a compelling reason for organizations to consider online conferences.

What do you think? Would a virtual event appeal to you as a marketer or participant? Why or why not?

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  • I love the image you have posted on google images at the url http://prmeetsmarketing.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/on24_virtualshow_plaza_highres.jpg

    I am wondering if this image is available to reproduce on my website with your permission, a citation, and a link. Or, if not, if there is a licensing agreement and I can purchase permission to display it on my site for a small fee (2 dollars or so) w/o the rights to replicate it anywhere but on one page on one site.

    • Hi Kirill,

      You would need to contact the company directly to see if this is something you can publish on your website.


  • Congrats on the launch of this new product! Please share the results when you can. It will be interesting to see how usage of virtual trade shows picks up.

  • Are You Ready for Virtual Trade Shows? « PR Meets Marketing…

    Post about the benefits of virtual trade shows….

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