Feb 9, 2023

FREE Using Social Media eBook

freeebookcover1After the past week’s distractions, I’ve been able to finalize a FREE eBook that compiles the Using Social Media Series into one easy-to-use guide. The previous posts included:

1) Using Social Media: Part 1 – Microblogging

2) Using Social Media: Part 2 – Search Feeds

3) Using Social Media: Part 3 – Social Networking Sites (Updated link)

4) Using Social Media: Part 4 – Linking Strategies

5) Using Social Media: Part 5 – Blogger Relations

6) Using Social Media: Part 6 – Measurement

Again, the purpose of this eBook is to provide a quick guide for using social media. If you find this eBook valuable, please forward this to your friends, share on Facebook, retweet it or let me know what you think. I just ask that you provide attribution to the site.

Let me know what you think. I look forward to improving this moving forward.




  • Thanks so much for the great guide for social media. Enjoyed the post! cheers

  • http://www.authoritydomains.com/social-media-consulting/social-media-ebook/

    We just finished our Social Media Strategy eBook. Feel free to download for free and share as you like. Would love to hear from you with feedback. :)

  • @michael, mary and raiderhost – I’m glad that you enjoyed the eBook!

  • download it, its so good a book

  • Thanks for sharing this. I was glad to find that I knew some of the things you discussed, but also glad to find things I didn’t know about, but will pursue.

    Great job!

  • A great guide Cece, thanks for putting this out. It is very timley and I find it very helpful.

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