Sep 21, 2022

Keeping Blog Motivation

Starting a blog is easy. Getting and maintaining the motivation to post regularly is not. I originally started my blog in May 2007 as a way to discuss how PR is an integral part of marketing.

I started writing one post a week, grew to two posts and then even did a weekly digest of interesting articles. As time passed, my posting became more irregular while work increased as well as the activities of life. On top of that, I’ve been struggling with what to write.


I thought – I want to be original. If someone else wrote on a topic, why repeat it – I would just link to the post and put in my 2 cents as part of a weekly digest. I was amazed at the number of intelligent folks around me – Jason Falls, CK, Cam Beck, Chris Brogan, Todd Defren, Paul Dunay and more!


What could I possibly contribute? Not writing for the past few weeks has allowed me to reflect and realize why I started blogging in the first place. The purpose of blogging is PERSONAL!


It’s not about how often I post. It’s about writing something of VALUE to me and, in the process, this will help someone else.


It’s not about writing what motivates others, it’s about writing about what MOTIVATES me. And maybe, this will motivate someone.


It’s not about creating my own community. It’s about how my blog can CONTRIBUTE to the larger community

My blogging commitment to ME and YOU

So what does this mean? For me, my goal is to write posts that highlight what I’ve learned. To share any new insights that I have. And in the process, get to know about you while revealing more about me.


As part of this process, I’m finally going to update my blog theme, so bear with me as I may make changes. Playing with different themes or maybe soliciting help for a more customized look.


While I can’t promise to post often, I can promise that I will try to make my posts more personal. That they are of value to me, motivate me and contribute to the community.


So – what do you think?




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  • […] in versus writing what interested me. I had this epiphany in September 2008 when I wrote about my blogging motivation and promise to everyone to write what was of value to me, motivated me and thereby contribute to […]

  • Interesting observation for a common problem. So many motivational theories, so few realities to motivate us.

    Interesting observation on what all bloggers are having to deal with.

  • thanks agustina. I think that being more focused has resulted in higher value for everyone!

  • I’m a litte late on commenting, but it’s very refreshing to read this post. As that’s the precise dilema I’m currently faced with while staring at a blank page wondering what to write about.
    I now know I’m not the only one questioning my topics :)

  • @David thanks for the comment! I agree with you absolutely.

  • Good points here, Cece. It’s not about quantity, but more about quality. I try to maintain a balance at my 2 cents, and early on I used to feel pressure to post 4 – 5 times a week. But now, it’s as often as I have something that I hope is meaningful and useful to say.

  • @cparente At the bottom left hand corner of your page, you can get the RSS feed. Just add a widget to your side bar with the RSS and you can say how many tweets you want to show.

  • Amen Cece. That’s the reason I try to blog on three things – tech, wine and my cars — and still its tough sometimes to keep a regular posting schedule.

    I like how your Twitter feed looks — didn’t think we could do that, since WP doesn’t do javascript. (darn it) How’d you do it?

  • thanks for your sharing.

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