Oct 23, 2022

My Top 5 Blogging Outreach Mistakes

The posts that I learn the most from are by those who are willing to show their mistakes and what they’ve learned. This not only humanizes them but also makes us feel just a little bit less stupid!


While there are a lot of posts about how to pitch a blogger, I thought it would be an interesting twist to list the top five mistakes I’ve made a la Letterman style:


My Top 5 Pitching Blogger Mistakes


Number 5: Oops – I thought that was MISS Blogger, not MISTER Blogger


Number 4: Spellcheck is a wonderful technology…when you USE it


Number 3: I’m not stalking you honestly. Could you just puhleeze respond to me?


Number 2: Sorry – didn’t realize you just wrote about this… yesterday!


And the number 1 mistake that I’ve made pitching a blogger:

Who cares about YOUR interests, it’s all about ME


What mistakes have you made? Bonus points for your Letterman style list!


But if you’re interested in more information about how to pitch, check out my page about pitching bloggers and 8 Practical Tips for PR and Blogging Outreach.



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  • […] quite a lot said on bad blogger pitches and they still happen. Here’s a nice list of the biggest 5 mistakes ever made when approaching a blogger, from the other side of the email – PR Meets Marketing. I’m guilty for more than half, not […]

  • Great list, and I agree – admitting to mistakes offers far more respect and kudos than thinking you’re always right.

    I, like you and everyone else (who’s honest, anyway!) have made my fair share of mistakes along the way, but I think my best/worst (delete where applicable) was using an incorrectly spelled URL on a news release.

    Let’s just say the new site was a bit “adult” in approach…

    Moral of the story? Check, check, and check again! :)

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