New Gig and What’s in Store for the Future


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In November 2011, I decided to leave my consulting business to join Active Network as director of marketing for the Business Solutions division.  It’s been a busy three months with a launch at the PCMA Convening Leaders conference and acquisition of StarCite, a leading strategic meetings management company. And as you know, my blogging has suffered as a result.

While my new position focuses more on the face-to-face events – attendee management, attendee engagement, SMM and more, I anticipate sharing more insights about the role of marketing, PR and social media. I will also continue to have a vested interest in seeing where event technology – virtual, digital and every iteration in between.

As I settle into my new position, I hope to return to a more regular blogging schedule.  Until then, PR meet Marketing, Marketing meet PR =)

And please note, everything on my blog is my own personal opinion and is not representative of my company’s.

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