Jan 30, 2023

PR Blogs that I Read

I have several PR blogs that I follow. Some are from PR agencies and others are from PR practitioners. I purposely didn’t include some bloggers who may be more “marketing” related.  In alpha here are the PR blogs that I follow.  

  1.  Chris Brogan – Chris has undertaken a project titled Social Media 100 to write 100 useful blog posts on using social media. 
  2.  Fleet Street PR – Written by Dave Fleet, I find his insights on PR, social media and the industry interesting.  
  3.  inmedia Public Relations –  A public relations firm based our of Toronto, I like their thoughts about PR.  
  4.  KD Paine’s Measurement Blog – KD is the goddess of PR measurement. Need I say more? 
  5.  NakedPR – Jennifer brings a sassy sense of humor to all things PR.  
  6.  Now Is Gone – Goeff Livingston is the most frequent contributor with a couple of authors. Looks at the industry, PR strategy and general thought leadership.
  7.  PR Communications – John Cass provides practical insight on how to implement blogging, PR, marketing, etc. for companies. 
  8.  PR Squared – Todd Defren was probably one of the first PR pros to blog. His blog is influential and provides thought leadership on the topic 
  9.  RaceTalk – RacePoint is a boutique PR agency. Occasionally some good content, sometimes not.  
  10. The Flack – Peter Himler provides commentary on how corporations are or are not doing a good job with PR. 
  11. Update: The Buzz Bin  – I forgot about Goeff Livingston’s other blog related to his Livingston Communications company.
  12. Update: a shel of my former self – Yes, how did I miss this one? I don’t know, I just did. I’ve just added this blog to my reader and look forward to Shel’s insights.

 Surprisingly, I only follow 2-3 PR firms. Why? I find that the blogs are unfocused with a group of people posting day-to-day happenings. I’m looking for relevant, actionable information for my job.  Let me know if there are others I should be following.

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  • @John – I’ll check out the list. Hopefully I won’t get overwhelmed.

  • Thanks for putting me on the list!

    Have you seen the list of PR bloggers on the New PR wiki?


  • @ Dave, @Chris – LOL – every list is personal. I find your insights very useful.

    @Wendy – I’ll take a look at your blog. If I like it, I’ll add it to the lists.

  • Hi Cece – this is a really useful roundup. I already follow half of these, but the other half I will be checking out today! I run a UK-based PR consultancy called Liberate Media (http://www.liberatemedia.com/) – we set-up 18 months ago to embrace the changes taking place in digital communications, and are heavily involved in the social media PR movement over here. We have just re-launched our blog and website, so what about a shoutout for the up and coming!

  • Wow! What a good list here! Thanks for putting me on it, and I’ve found a good couple of new reads on your list, too. Thanks so much.

  • Hi Cece,

    I’m honoured, humbled and a little gobsmacked that you put me on the list with folks like Chris, KD and Todd. Personally I would replace me with someone like Jason Falls, Kami Huyse or Shel Holtz.


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