PRMM Interview: Silvia Pellegrini

My last PRMM interview was back in 2011! I’m restarting my interview series to bring insights and best practices from individuals across the marketing and technology industries. In this edition, I interviewed Silvia Pellegrini, founder of Events Uncovered TV, on the success of her event industry interviews, how she invites guests, and  her advice to anyone seeking to start a video interview series.

You’ve published over 200 videos in just two years! What do you attribute to your productivity and success?

I can’t take all the credit. In fact, it’s me as much as it is thanks to other experts. Yes, I am focused, professionally curious, consistent and I love what I do. However, I wouldn’t have achieved all I have if it wasn’t for my inspiring mentors and the continuous encouragement and support I receive from event professionals around the world.

If a person is reluctant to record a video with you, what have you done to turn them around?

During the past 2 years, there have been experts who, for various reasons, have said ‘NO’ to my initial request to be interviewed. It can be demoralising, but I think the key is to understand why ‘that’ was their first reaction. But there are ways, in most cases, to turn that around.

You need to be aware that people have different needs and worries.

Some people are persuaded more by human dimension than by emails with statistical facts. So, I schedule a video call and I show my genuine passion and enthusiasm for what I do.

If they are shy or worried about the camera, I tell them the truth: I am an introvert and I am camera shy too. On the day I get them talking about ‘life’ and they forget they are been recorded.

Also, sometimes, they say ‘NO’, because they don’t have time right now. Well, that’s when I wait, send a gentle reminder now and then but always make sure I come across as persistent and not as a nuisance.

However, if they don’t have video facilities or the company they work for doesn’t allow Skype, I opt for an interview in a written post format.

What advice would you give to folks seeking to start their own video interview series?

My advice is simple. Go for it! It’s fun and there are a lot of interesting and amazing people out there ready to help. Be humble, grateful, purposeful and don’t give up.