PRMM Interview 24 with Jason Bithos on Veterans and Tech

I had the privilege to speak with Jason Bithos of SitRep Digital, which helps drive better marketing with Salesforce marketing cloud. A former veteran, Jason spoke with me about a coalition of organizations coming together as Vet2Cloud to help veterans get technical skills, work experience and job opportunities. These organizations include VetForce, Veterans2Work and Cloud Co-Op.

Regardless of your politics, let’s help veterans.

Please introduce yourself.

I’m Jason Bithos, founder of SitRep Digital out of Indianapolis, Indiana. We’re with Veterans2Work and Cloud Co-Op – together to form Vets2Cloud. Vets2Cloud’s soal is to help veterans go to VetForce, get certified  through admin, Salesforce admin. Then they come to us and we provide follow-up training and get them into the Salesforce ecosystem.

00:35 – How do you get the word out about Vets2Cloud?

There is a lot of marketing. A lot of word of mouth. There are a lot of veterans in the industry. With Salesforce’s help, and VetForce, we do a lot of networking and reach out o other non profits. You know, let veterans know that there’s a place for them to really expand and step forward with their careers.

00:54 – How do you help Vets get started?

Reach out to us directly, go to Veterans2Work, Cloud Co-Op and SitRep Digital – all online and reach out any way you can. Recommend going to VetForce …and get a free set  up for the free admin server and let you take it for free one time.

01:16 – What advice would you provide to others to advance in their career?

Know that you can do it. I’m an Army veteran have been out for about four years and at first, the tech world seemed pretty large and seemed like a large obstacle that you’re not sure you can overcome. I was a logistics officer and I thought that’s all I knew. Now I’m in the tech world, with my own company and network with other great tech businesses. So I guess if I can do it, so can you.