Oct 29, 2022

Red Sox Wins World Series

Yeah! The Red Sox won the World Series last night. I have to admit, until I met my husband, I didn’t have a baseball team. I first became enamored with the team in 2004.


The story of the Red Sox captured everyone’s attention. The improbable run. The interesting personal stories.

Down 3-0 in the series to come back and beat their nemesis! Thank Dave Robert’s 9th inning steal for keeping the Sox Nation alive. Curt Schilling’s literal “red sox” that will live in baseball lore and Cooperstown.

Great stories capture everyone’s attention. And this past World Series will be remembered as well for Lester pitching after battling cancer. We will remember Ellsbury and Pedroia for their youth and contributions behind the bat. And Lowell will be remembered for his key clutch plays on defense and hitting when needed.

Now if only my 49ers could come back =(

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