Would YOU Trust a PR Agency Not Involved in Social Media with YOUR Social Media Programs?

A lot of PR firms are stating that they have social media capabilities and can help develop your strategy in this arena. So I thought, how many are actually practicing what they’re preaching?

I decided to see which PR firms were actively participating in social media. [update 2/20/09] I initially evaluated PR firms listed on O’Dwyer’s list of top 100 independent PR firms. This list was based on worldwide fees for firms with major US operations. As such, some prominent firms, such as Ogilvy & Mather, Ketchum PR and others. Since this post was published, the list has been exanded to include firms that have proactively included information in the comments or email. It is now sorted alphabetically and includes different types of firms, such as IR, healthcare and technology.

Some points to keep in mind:

– I looked at if the agency had a blog, Twitter profile, Facebook page (both group and/or fan), LinkedIn Group

– While there are individuals within each agency who have great online presences, I was seeking corporate presence. So some fields may be marked as “none” as a result

– And since I did this myself, I was trying to maximize my time:

* I didn’t categorize the type of PR each firm did – I took the list at its word

* If the blog wasn’t listed on the home page or easily found via a sitemap, I assumed there was none or you don’t really want me to find your blog

* I searched on the agency’s name or common abbreviation as presented on their website. Anything more exotic or too cute, would not have been found

* For Twitter, I used Twitter search or tried to manually type in what seemed like an appropriate Twitter handle

* I used the group search functions found on Facebook and LinkedIn respectively

* I decided not to look at other sites like delicious, slideshare.net, flickr, etc., frankly, because I was doing this myself =); however, I did include it if the agency made it easy to find 

Interesting Findings:

– Almost all of the agencies did NOT link to their profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. from their website. I would’ve expected this on their Contact Us page or linked from the Blog but this was very rare.

– While those who had blogs did a good job of putting the blog link front and center on the home page, some were too cute and hid the link under a different section of the website. If you’re one of these agencies and I found your blog regardless, it’s because it was listed on your site map.

– 39 agencies had blogs; 28 had Twitter profiles with one having a hashtag but no Twitter profile; 35 agencies had Facebook Group pages with two establishing fan pages; and 25 had LinkedIn Group pages while two created company pages

So let’s see how this little experiment works. If you’re a PR agency and I have incorrect information, please provide the corrections below or write a post that links back. I will then update the listing as quickly as I can. And if you have accounts with Flickr, YouTube and Slideshare.net, let me know.

But If you don’t have a social media presence, tell me why. I want to give folks the benefit of doubt. I was able to format the list into a table below captured the list in a jpg (couldn’t get it to format correctly, sorry!) or you can download a pdf version of this list. visit the public wiki and make changes to the table.

Table of PR Firms and Social Media Presence

Update: 2/19/09 – This table was updated to be in alphabetical order, includes additional PR firms not on the original list, and eliminates “none” from the table. You can also visit the PR Firms Social Media Public Wiki to make changes.

PR Agency Corporate Blog Corporate Twitter Individual Twitter Facebook Page LinkedIn Group


5W Public Relations, New CEO Blog Ronn Torossian’s Group (469 members), 5WPR Group (5 members)

YouTube Page

Access Comms., San Francisco The Access Point and PR Measurist @AccessPR: 14 followers Corporate group page Current and former employees

Airfoil PR, Inc., Detroit Airfoil Public Relations @AirfoilPR – 15 followers

Allison & Partners, San Francisco updated 3/10/09 @AllisonPR 30+ indiviual feeds Corporate Group Page

YouTube Page

APCO Worldwide, Wash., DC Unable to find blog @APCOJobs – 2 followers (protected account) A few groups for summer interns but no corporate page APCO Alumni

Atomic PR, San Francisco Particles

Bader Rutter, Brookfield, WI Former employees page

Bender/Helper Impact, Los Angeles BHI Alumni Society

Bite Communications, San Francisco bitemark @BitePR: 340 followers; @bitesweden Bite Communications US – HR, Bite Communications UK – HR, Bite Communications is HIRING!, Bite Sweden, Bite Alumni Company LinkedIn page

YouTube Channel; Flickr

Bliss PR (formerly Bliss Gouverneur & Assocs.), New York @BlissPR – 0 followers

Burson-Marsteller The Burson-Marsteller Blog @bmdigital and @bmglobalnews B-M on Facebook LinkedIn Group Social media spaces on the Digital Perspective Blog
Capstrat, Raleigh, NC Filed Notes #Capstrat update 5/10/2022 @rharris, and others:
Capstrat Friends

Cerrell Assocs., Los Angeles

Comms. Strategies, Madison, NJ

Consensus Planning Group, Los Angeles The Front Porch – hyperlink wasn’t working

Cooney/Waters Group, New York

CooperKatz & Co., New York What’s New

Coyne PR, Parsippany, NJ CoyneExchange @CoynePR – 106 followers Corporate group page Company Page

YouTube Channel, Flickr Channel

Upated: 2/22/09 Crenshaw Communications, New York

(Formerly Stanton Crenshaw Comms. — On Feb 9, 2009, became Crenshaw Communications. I have focused only on this brand for the search.)

@CrenshawComm – 1 3 followers Corporate group page Company Page

CRT/tanaka, Richmond, VA What we are thinking about @CRTTanaka – 25 followers Corporate group page Friends of CRT/Tanaka and CRT/Tanaka Public Relations and Marketing

Cubitt Jacobs & Prosek, Stratford, CT Clever Witty Quick Corporate group page CJP Client, Employee and Alumni Group

Cushman/Amberg Comms., Chicago Corporate group page Cushmaniacs

Dan Klores Comms., New York

Davies Murphy Group, Burlington, MA

Davies, Santa Barbara, CA Corporate group page Employees and Clients Group

Development Counsellors Int’l., New York DCI Dialogue Development Counsellors International Group Page

Dye, Van Mol & Lawrence, Nashville, TN

Edelman, New York Speak Up, Pioneer Thinking Multiple: @EdelmanDigital, @EngageinHealth, @EdelmaninMIA, @EdelmanDE, @EdelmanSweden @steverubel, @philgomes, @rickmurray, @marshallmanson, @luebue Edelman Groups for China, Edelman Change and Employee Engagement, Edelman Poland, and Edelman Australia Alumni Past & Present Edelman Employees

Edward Howard & Co., Cleveland @EdwardHoward – not sure if this is for the agency. 0 followers Corporate group page

Formula PR, San Diego Formula PR Group

French|West|Vaughan, Raleigh, NC French/West/Vaughan Alumni

Has a Second Life office

Gibbs & Soell, New York

Gregory FCA Comms., Ardmore, PA

GYMR, Wash., DC Alumni Page

Hager Sharp, Inc., Wash., DC

Healthstar, New York – could not get to the website

Hill & Knowlton Collective Conversation Blogs        

Hunter PR, New York

ICR (formerly Integrated Corp. Rels.), Westport, CT ICR Blogs – seems to be several topics under one URL @ICR – no followers

Imre Comms., Towson, MD

Intermarket, NY

Jackson Spalding, Atlanta

Jasculca/Terman & Assocs., Chicago

Kaplow Comms., New York Kaplow Global

KCSA Strategic Comms., New York KCSA Worldwide Interns

KGBTexas Public Relations / Advertising , San Antonio Texas @Kgbtexas:238 followers

Kwittken & Co., New York

LaunchSquad, San Francisco, CA (updated 2/22/09) What’s New, Exclamation Blog, Green Amy, Searching for Savvy @launchsquad – 215 followers @jmandell @throck @brettweiner @sistaklein Corporate Group Page Company Page

YouTube Page

L.C. Williams & Assocs., Chicago

Levick Strategic Coms., Wash., D.C. Bullet Proof

update 5/10/09




LinkedIn Page


Lewis Public Relations, San Francisco Lewis 360 @Lewispr – 50 followers Corporate group page Lewis Global Public Relations Group

Linden Alschuler & Kaplan, New York

Lippert/Heilshorn Assocs, New York

Lois Paul & Partners Beyond the Hype

@Tweismann: 217 followers Corporate group page


Lou Hammond & Assocs., New York

M Booth & Assocs., New York FWD Thinking



M. Silver Assocs., New York M. Silver Associates Blog

Makovsky & Co., New York Mckovsky + Company Alumni Associaton Group Mckovsky + Company Alumni Association

Maloney & Fox, New York

Marx Layne & Co., Farmington Hills, MI Responsive, Individualized Results @Marxlayne – 16 followers Corporate group page Marx Layne & Co Small Business Development Forum

Matter Communications, Boston

McNeelly Pigott & Fox, Nashville, TN Corporate group page MP&F Group page

MCS, Bedminster, N.J.

Merritt Group, Reston, VA Merritt Blog @MerrittGroup – 65 followers

Morgan & Myers, Jefferson, WI

New Media Strategies NMS Blog

(update 2/22/09)


NMS has several employees who participate in social media. NMS Fan Page NMS Group Page on LinkedIn

Delicious, Flickr, YouTube, FriendFeed

New West, Louisville, KY new.west blog

Padilla Speer Beardsley, Minneapolis The Lead Current and former employees

Page One PR, Palo Alto, CA The Page Wonders @Pageonepr – 109 followers Corporate group page Company LinkedIn page

YouTube channel

PAN Communications, Andover, MA @PANcomm – 74 followers

Peppercom, New York Reason Enough

Pierpont Comms., Houston Pierpontifications @PierpontCom – 98 followers

Porter Novelli Multiple blogs @porternovelli, @pndigital, @pn_atx, @marjinalpn, @pn_chile, @pn_uk

Corporate group page LinkedIn Alumni Group, and group for our London office

Flickr, Delicious

Public Communications, Chicago @PCI – 0 followers

Qorvis Comms., Wash., DC The Q @Qorvis: no followers Corporate group page

Quinn & Co., New York @Quinnandco – 225 followers

Rasky Baerlein, Boston update: 5/10/09 @betsykelly
Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications

rbb Public Relations, Miami Careers Page

Regan Comms., Boston

RF | Binder Partners, New York RF/Binder Partners

Rogers Group, Los Angeles The Rogers Group Employees, Past and Present

Ron Sachs Comms., Tallahassee, FL Several blogs – Ron, Michelle, Ryan, Alia and Sachs

Ruder Finn Group, New York Ethics Blog, (Updated 2/22/09) Left Brain, Right Brain, RF Voices, Communicating Promise (Middle East), Dot Org (UK), Dot Comms (UK) @RuderFinn – 2 followers, @RuderFinnUK – 207 followers Four group pages for China, Healthcare Group, Israel and corporate

S&S Public Relations, Glenview, IL public relations evolved @SSPR – 40 followers

Schneider Assocs., Boston Internship Page and Intern Group

Schwartz Comms., Waltham, MA Schwartz Blog @Schwartz – 0 followers (protected account) Corporate group page

Shelton Group, Dallas –

Shift Communications, Brighton, MA PR-Squared, slice snackable PR Group Page

Spark PR, San Francisco sparkpr blog

updated 3/12/09 @ paulasantos

@ donnasokolsky














Corporate group page Sparkpr Company Profile

Spectrum Science Comms., Wash., DC The Spectrum Blog @SpectrumScience – 48 followers Groups for the company, Summer 2008 and Staff Spectrum Science Communications Group

Spring O’Brien & Co., New York

Sterling Communications, Los Gatos, CA Gearheads @SterlingPR – 108 followers Corporate group page Company Page

Upate (2/22/09) Delicious, Flickr, FriendFeed, YouTube,

Taylor, New York /

Text 100 Int’l., San Francisco HYPERText, London, Sydney, Malaysia @Text100: Over 600 followers Hong Kong, London, Madrid 1, Madrid2, Bangalore Text 100 Alumni

Second Life

The Edison Group, Atlanta Corporate group page Company Page

The Hoffman Agency, San Jose, CA Ismael’s Corner

The Horn Group, San Francisco Brass Tacks HornGroup – 3 followers Several groups for PR Horn Group Alumni

The Jeffrey Group, Miami

The Standing Partnership, St. Louis, MO Where do you stand? @Susanisk: 668 followers Corporate group page Standing Partnership Group Page

Vollmer, Houston

Waggener Edstrom, Bellevue, WA Multiple blogs written by several individuals @WaggenerEdstrom – 513 followers Fan page, Careers With Waggener Edstrom Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

WeissComm Partners, San Francisco

Widmeyer Comms., Wash., DC Corporate group page

William Mills Agency, Atlanta Financial Industry Marketing Blog @Wmagency – 34 2 followers (updated 2/22/09) Multiple…Pres Scott Mills’, Network Facebook Group Corporate Group Page

Winning Strategies PR, Newark

Wragg & Casas PR, Miami

Zeno Group Zeno | acropolis Corporate group page

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del.icio.us tags: PR PR Agency PR Firm Public Relations Social Media Twitter Blog Facebook LinkedIn
icerocket tags: PR PR Agency PR Firm Public Relations Social Media Twitter Blog Facebook LinkedIn

All content copyright Cece Salomon-Lee, Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, with the attribution: By Cece Salomon-Lee, PR Meets Marketing, and a link to the post.

84 thoughts on “Would YOU Trust a PR Agency Not Involved in Social Media with YOUR Social Media Programs?

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  • March 30, 2022 at 16:39

    I could not agree more! As a national PR firm, EMSI Public Relations was an early adopter of social media marketing, both for our own promotion, and to offer as a service to clients.

    Reply   More from author
  • February 3, 2023 at 20:26

    It would be nice to get an updated version of this post – I am wondering how these agencies might have improved since the blog was first published.

    Twitter also has a great tool for businesses to include the personal accounts within their main account.

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  • July 29, 2022 at 18:36

    I don’t necessarily think that people use Social Media in the correct manner – people aren’t going to complete a target action from a social media profile, it is more important for general presence and backlinks.

    Reply   More from author
  • July 6, 2022 at 18:20

    Hi Cece –

    You make a great point in this post. It’s important for PR firms, or any company for that matter, to practice what they preach. We’re currently developing and designing our new blog! In the meantime, we’ve got tons of employee-driven thought leadership on our website at http://www.blisspr.com/about_us/thought_leadership/blisspr_tl.php.

    Having said that, BlissPR has taken a little bit of a different approach to Twitter. We understand that you searched for a ‘corporate presence’, but what we’ve done is allow our executives to act as individuals to provide thought leadership in industries they consider their areas of interest and expertise while fully identifying themselves as representatives of BlissPR. We hope that you’ll list them in your grid!

    Here are our practitioners to follow on Twitter:

    BlissPR – New York
    Abby Carr @abbycarr
    Angelica Hernandez @anjelicah
    Aven James @avenlea
    Cortney Rhoads @cortneyrhoads
    Dan Brady @dtbrady77
    Elizabeth Sosnow @elizabethsosnow
    Emily Weinman @eweinman
    Erica Michel @EricaMichel
    Gretchen Steinmiller @gsteinmiller
    John Bliss @johnbliss
    John Pappas @johnpappas
    Katherine Kilpatrick @kilpatrickk
    Kelly Davis @kellydavis226
    Karl Banks @KBanks
    Lisa Karel @lisakarel
    Meg Wildrick @megwildrick
    Meghan Lantier @meghanlantier
    Nicole LeBlanc @nicolejleblanc
    Paige Holden @PaigeHolden
    Rachel Gerber @gerbs1363
    Sally Martin @sallyilmartin
    Vanessa Conroy @vanessaconroy
    Vik Dutta @vdutta

    BlissPR – Chicago
    Margy Sweeney @margysweeney
    Dave Miranda @davidmiranda

    Other Locations
    St. Louis, MO: Kellie Sheehan @kshe
    Austin, Texas: Rebecca Neufeld @ratothebec

    We’re all really looking forward to tweeting with you!


    Reply   More from author
  • May 11, 2022 at 05:26

    Apologies for not keeping the updates timely – I’ve added info for Levick, Rasky and Capstrat. Thanks for your patience.

  • May 5, 2022 at 16:32

    You raise some interesting points, and thank you for the mention.

    BTW Capstrat likes to let its voice be heard through its employees. We do not have an official “corporate” Twitter feed (as yet). You can connect with me,
    @rharris, and others:

    We look forward to the conversation!

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  • February 25, 2022 at 16:17

    Hi, This is Betsy Kelly from Rasky Baerlein. Thanks for this great article. We wanted to update you on our firm’s listing. We have a Facebook page at Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications. And we have several employees on Twitter. They include:

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to your blog.

    Betsy Kelly
    VP – Marketing

    Reply   More from author
  • February 25, 2022 at 02:08

    @claire – thanks for the update, I’ll make the change

    @Dallas thanks for letting me know about your agency. I’ll add your information in my next update.

  • February 24, 2022 at 23:29


    Thanks for taking the time to identify the social media tactics used by top PR agencies!

    Individual tactics like the ones you measured for are important for building brand awareness, but the one factor I think is often overlooked is the need to integrate each of these tactics into an overall digital media strategy that yields measurable results. Just having a twitter account or a blog does not necessarily equal social media savvy. Each tactic must complement the other so that conversations generated on a blog post, Twitter, or YouTube channel can be fully leveraged to support a coordinated messaging program.

    For Levick Strategic Communication, we implemented a social media strategy that prioritizes a cohesive online presence across multiple platforms. For example, our Web site, http://www.levick.com features a link to our blog, http://www.BulletProofBlog.com, and our blog regularly posts thought pieces on crisis communications which we then publicize via several Twitter profiles. Thanks again for the great list and for the pitch for our blog – in addition to the blog presence you referenced please feel free to check out the following Levick profiles not listed on your chart:

    Twitter: @RichardLevick
    President & CEO

    Twitter: @DallasLawrence
    VP Digital Media

    YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/LevickSC

    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/0/a3/945


    Dallas Lawrence, VP of Digital Media
    Levick Strategic Communications

    Reply   More from author
  • February 23, 2022 at 20:20

    I appreciated your post and learning more about how agencies are promoting themselves (and not just their clients) via social media. The comments and responses have been interesting as well. Our efforts thus far have been on behalf of clients and not our agency. We’ll certainly discuss the points that have been made here and weigh the pros and cons of having a corporate presence as well.

    In the meantime, please note that you have an incorrect link associated with our agency name on your list. Our correct web address is provided in my reply.

    Thank you,

    Reply   More from author
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  • February 20, 2022 at 21:32

    I hope this isn’t repetitive – I left a comment earlier but it didn’t seem to go through – the ball just keeps spinning ? So here it is again … and thanks for your comment on my post as well.

    The net net is that I said I elaborated on your post in my own blog yesterday (How Important is Social Media in PR: http://bit.ly/I4gne). Do agencies need a corporate presence or is it enough for individuals to have one from which they share both personal and professional information?

    The answer to your question in the headline is simply, “No.” You shouldn’t. But not all clients need or want social media. So not all agencies are involved.

    That being said, although we weren’t on O’Dwyer’s list (we keep revenues private and therefore don’t qualify), we are very active in social media and were just identified as such – and as 1 of just 6 PR firms “top considered” – in Jennifer Leggio’s (@mediaphyter) research survey – which she posted yesterday. We’ve found that our involvement in social media – beyond our work for clients – has led to phenomenal new relationships, engagement, education, opportunities, business development, partnerships and awareness. What agency wouldn’t want that for themselves? Just seems like common sense to me.

    Thank you for your hard work on this list! I look forward to more research in the future.

    Christine Perkett
    Founder/President, PerkettPR

    * all other social media channels are linked in the sites above.

    Reply   More from author
  • February 20, 2022 at 19:43

    @Rasmussen – you raise a good point. I thik the nature of “conversation” is different. I go to a corporate brand to hear about the company news, promotion and possibly their perspective on industry events, especially if I’m a customer, reporter, analyst, prospect and/or employee. As for an individual, the “conversation” may still cover these topics, but this puts a “personal” touch to my communication.

    I don’t know if it’s a misuse of the term but maybe different interpretations.

  • February 20, 2022 at 19:36

    @Cese – What might a conversation between you and a Company Logo look like? [ideally]

    Would you ever ask with whom you are speaking?

    Or is this an example of a fundamental misuse of the word “conversation” in our industry?

    Reply   More from author
  • February 20, 2022 at 19:30

    @Ann thanks for taking time to discuss your programs. Please feel free to keep me updated and I will make the appropriate changes here and on the wiki.

    @Rasmussen – I would expect a different conversation from each. And depending on what each said, I would want to interact with both. And in some cases, this can be the same in one. I believe that this applies to any company depending on the goals you’re seeking to achieve.

  • February 20, 2022 at 16:05

    Why should an agency use a corporate Twitter profile at all (as opposed to promoting the activities and networks of trust already constructed through the employees of that company)

    Would you prefer to listen and interact with a person or an agency?

    (Can’t we expect a different kind of conversation from each?)

    Reply   More from author
  • February 20, 2022 at 15:51

    This is a very interesting post – as is the dialogue that has followed it! It’s a daunting task to try to catalogue the myriad social / conversation-driven activities of so many agencies. So kudos for taking this on!

    I would note that most of us at CooperKatz are highly-engaged with a whole range of ‘social media’ (for want of a better word) channels. For example, there are lots of us on Twitter. You can follow me at @anneegreen. Additionally, most of us are very active on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites – which we use to connect with clients and business partners as well as personal contacts. In terms of a corporate-level Facebook or LinkedIn page for CooperKatz, we have never felt philosophically that this makes a lot of sense for an agency of our size. We tend to put the bulk of our focus relative to key conversations online, etc., on our clients and their industry sectors, influencers and issues. With that said, our Web site is definitely a ‘doctor, heal thyself’ situation – which is why we’re halfway through a major Web site redesign project. That new site will include a group blog platform, to which many folks here are looking forward to contributing. Again, philosophically, we’ve tried to avoid building ‘cults of personality’ around specific individuals, as we want our entire team and the results we have achieved for clients to be our strongest calling card. But we certainly also appreciate the comments above about being ‘present’ and a part of the conversation – particularly those held within our own PR / marketing communities.

    Looking forward to following the further threads here!

    Anne Green
    President / COO

    Reply   More from author
  • February 20, 2022 at 15:23

    thanks @ramraider – I agree that this may help agencies to understand how this fits into a larger integrated marketing program.

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  • February 20, 2022 at 10:21

    I’m not entirely convinced that much of the offerings are actually social. The majority of blogs are little more than web 1.0 articles, not that well written for the medium: lacks sub-heads, too long, too promotional, not discussion…

    LinkedIn is often not much more than a glorified contacts list + CV.

    Corporate use of Twitter is 90% shouting ‘me me me my opinion’ and little real discussion. Yes some get it right (Innocent) most haven’t (Intel).

    I am not sure just having a Twitter account or setting up a Facebook page is immersion in Social Media. There are a few platforms like GetSatisfaction that have strong possibilities.

    Would I trust a PR company to do my social media at all is a good question?

    They would have to understand the whole marketing mix and actively share ideas/content across the whole marketing community for a brand.

    They would have to actively work with the digital agencies, brand agencies, media houses and advertising teams. Only then would the social strategy actually focus on the client rather than a PR empire.

    If PR agencies are to do social media properly they need to work into client marketing teams rather than going their own way within a marketing plan – which is so often the case.

    its not whether they are on Twitter, its whether they work in an integrated manner. Social Media is not that complex – integration is what takes the effort.

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  • February 20, 2022 at 05:46

    I have to agree with Max and Jennifer on his one. Laudable effort but mixed value.

    As just one example: a huge firm like Edelman may be able to lay claim to 500 boggers, but is anybody listening? If a smaller firm has 5 influential bloggers (vs. 500 “meh” bloggers), is that accounted for by your methodology?

    You also can’t alwyas be aware of an agency’s efforts. For example, working hand-in-glove with our client contacts, SHIFT has created and maintains Youtube channels and Facebook pages for some major brands: work that is relevant in terms of your study but which is not readily discoverable.

    And lastly: there’s no accounting here for the quality, depth or success of these agencies’ efforts. In that vein, there seems to be no accounting for a firm’s reputation for effectiveness in this sphere, from clients’ (or the market’s) p.o.v., as Ms. Leggio recently looked at things: http://blogs.zdnet.com/feeds/?p=512 …

    I agree that “use” of Social Media tools is important, but not enough to merit placement on an ordered list like this one.

    Again, a laudable and linkbait-worthy concept, and you ask some good questions here, but I question the methodology’s long-term validity.

    Reply   More from author
  • February 20, 2022 at 04:28

    Email from Jason Mandell of LaunchSquad
    Actually we do have a LinkedIn page as I had thought. All the info for us is here:

    Twitter: @launchsquad

    Blogs (both on home page):

    Facebook: LaunchSquad Clients

    LinkedIn: http://tinyurl.com/bp3bwq

    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/

  • February 20, 2022 at 01:29

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. Based on this feedback, I am planning to create a pbwiki page so agencies can proactively update their listing for BOTH corporate and invidual contributors. This page will include firms that were not on the original and will be in alphabetical order vs the original O’Dwyer’s top 100 indepedent firms from 2007. I hope to have this completed tonight for posting tomorrow (2/20/09) PST.

  • February 20, 2022 at 00:53

    Great list CeCe. Good to see that Bite has been well represented but, in additional to our well populated corporate blog, BiteMarks, there are a few additional social media channels currently being used or developed.

    We have Bite Communications Facebook page. Admittedly, it’s not as up-to-date as we would like but there are definite plans to do more with it in the coming weeks. In addition, we currently have the following additional Facebook pages:
    Bite Communications US – HR
    Bite Communications UK – HR
    Bite Communications is HIRING!
    Bite Sweden
    Bite Alumni

    We have also created Facebook pages to generate interest around Bite-led events in the past, e.g. Bite Communications – Facebook & Ofcom Seminar.

    In addition to Bitepr on Twitter, which has 366 followers today, our friends at Bite Sweden have a separate account and there are a number of other Bite related accounts currently in development.

    Bite has a corporate channel on YouTube and an additional channel to promote its annual consumer technology showcase, PlayBite, in London.

    Bite also has corporate presence on LinkedIn and Flickr.

    Generally, we’re a pretty active bunch on various social media channels but this is a decent overall representation of our corporate presence.

    Thanks again for pulling a really useful list together.

    Jason Clarke
    Vice President, Business Development & Marketing
    Bite Communications


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