Summary of Virtual Event Case Studies 2009-2010

I recently completed a webinar with MPI on “Dispelling the 5 Myths of Going Virtual.”  One of the questions asked was if I could provide a list of relevant case studies in this arena. I thought this would be a great resource to provide and I will add new case studies as I find them to this list.

For now, I purposely looked at case studies from 2009-2010. These were based on articles, blog postings and case studies from vendors, including Imaste and Unisfair. Unfortunately, 6Connex and Inxpo required registration, On24 and Ubivent case studies were outdated, and VisualMente didn’t provide full details regarding objectives and results. If there are relevant case studies, please include them in the comments below.

Corporate Virtual Events Case Studies

Associations – Virtual Events Case Studies

Publishing Virtual Events Case Studies

  • * Hybrid Events: The Live/Virtual Combo – emedia and Technology …: UBM Studios discusses virtual for revenue
  • * Virtual Events Come Into Their Own: Folio Magazine article that included information from Watt Publishing, Forbes, Nielsen, Futures nd Haymarket Media.

Higher Education/Government Virtual Events Case Studies

  • * Virtual Environment Lab for Universidad Politécnica Madrid: Case study overview 
  • * On Campus Job Fair for Madrid regional government: Case study overview 
  • * Tour del Empleo Virtual: Case study overview of 25 Spanish Universities 

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