Aug 17, 2022

The Rehabilitation of Michael Vick’s Image

Every Sunday, my husband and I watch 60 Minutes. While most of the stories are reruns this summer, 60 Minutes aired the first public interview with Michael Vick who recently left prison on dog fighting and cruelty charges. Check out the video and article here. I’m a huge football fan and was surprised that the Philidelphia Eagles took a chance by signing Vick earlier this week.

While watching the interview, I couldn’t stop thinking about the strategy that Vick and his team (lawyers, agency and brand/PR folks) are using to manage and rehabilitate his reputation.

  1. 60 Minutes Interview: Lends credibility that Vick truly understands the gravity of hissituation and previous decisions and his true intent/desire (?) to redeem himself.

Association with Humane Society: With the Humane Society’s willingness to believe in Vick’s resolve to atone for his mistakes, the hope is that fans will also take that chance on him as well.

Controlled Public Appearances: Since being released, Vick has been very careful about his public image and statements. To my knowledge, he’s been dressed conservatively with a serious demeanor, further emphasizing that he is not the same person he was 2 years ago.


If Vick is truly sincere, I think these efforts will eventually have their desired affect with most out there – let’s be honest, a certain segment of animal lovers will never forgive him for his actions. There will be a healthy level of skeptism that Vick hasn’t changed and is just implementing a very sophisticated PR strategy to make money.

Regardless of which camp you belong in, I do believe that he is executing the right strategy to start down the road to redemption. What do you think?


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  • Dear Michael Vick ,
    My name is Dorothy McIntyre and I am sending this to you in hopes that you receive this. I am trying to open a shelter for abused, sick and feral animals in the town of Lansdale. My sister and I have lived in Lansdale all my life and we have seen the population grow. In the last 20 years I have trapped, taken in, and have gotten feral animals adopted. We have worked with several different organizations in order to care for the sick and homeless animals. This has been very expensive for my sister and me. Also there is the time involved. This is where I think we can help each other. I am ready to commit the rest of my life to rescuing the sick, abused, and unwanted animals in our and surrounding communities. I understand the need to have second chances, for my son is incarcerated in Graterford prison, still having time serves. Will one day be released, and will also need to be given the opportunity for a second chance. What I am asking is for your help in redeeming yourself with the animals you have hurt by helping me to start a shelter in Lansdale for animals. I would really like to take on the responsibly to make this dream of mine come true. Just like you have a dream to be the best NFL football player there is, I want to take a part in this endeavor, to help run a shelter for these animals. Between Lansdale and Conschocken , There are no ASPCA’s . With the growing population I think there is a need for a shelter here in Lansdale and you would be the one to help make this dream come true. I would very much like to talk to you and your PR , about this idea. My name is Dorothy McIntyre and I am 49 years old , A resident of Lansdale for46 years. And this is my dream . I really hope I get the opportunity to talk to you about this idea. I believe it’s a great one for you and myself, and all the animals in our cummity we can help. I believe we all need a chance to prove ourselfs, not only to others but to ourselfs, so we can be looked at with respect and have a sence of purpose. Working together I think we could do a lot for each other, and show people you can change. I pray to God you will answer this and call me to talk about this idea. I believe you can make a difference , I hope you can give this handicapped woman a chance . Dorothy McIntyre 307 Clearspring rd. Lansdale PA 19446 home phone 215-362-7196 work phone 215-699-7224. Thank You .

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