Jan 15, 2023

Thoughts from 2007: Lessons Learned

SearchAnd what have I learned this year? In no particular order, here are my lessons from blogging and life in general:

  1.         I realized how important family is, even if they annoy you!
  2.         The power of social media to meet new friends from all over the world
  3.         Twitter is truly addicting.
  4.         That you don’t have to blog every day. Saying something interesting is more important than frequency.
  5.  Good friends are hard to come by – fight for the good ones, don’t stress about the others.
  6.  Compromise is important, especially if you’re wrong or think you’re right.
  7.  Be patient.
  8.  Keep telling yourself that the 49ers will always get better.
  9. Take comfort that at least the Red Sox are doing well.

What lessons have you learned from 2007?


  • Thanks Eric! And let you daughter know that I appreciate her comments too =) Have a great day. Cece

  • Hi Cece,

    Well I don’t have a list – but what I have learned is that the bloggers worth reading are those that have great posts – mixed in with the odd off blog topic personal observation. I always like reading your blog for the PR ideas and news – but what puts it over the top are your nice personal posts that make it feel like there is a real person behind the stories.

    Cheers – Eric
    PS – My daughter just shoulder surfed me and said that this sounds like I am buttering you up – and well I am not trying to – what I am doing is letting you know that I want you to keep on doing what you are doing on this blog. ?
    PPS – I think observation number 5 and 1 are the best – pretty much without those two you have a really lonely life!

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